Canberra Airport (CBR)
Car Parking

(Canberra, Australian Capital Territory - ACT, Australia)

The car parking available at Canberra Airport (CBR) is known for being especially affordable, particularly when compared to similar airports in other capital cities around the world. Covered walkways allow pedestrians to reach the car park with ease and link the entrance of the main terminal building.

Canberra Airport's car parks are secure and fenced, being locked overnight and reopened in early in the morning at 04:30. Special rates for entire weekends are available, although to be eligible, entrance is required after 15:00 on Friday and exit by late on Sunday.


Tel: +61 (0)2 6275 2226
Short-term car parking at Canberra Airport (CBR) can be found next to the main terminal building. With plenty of short-stay spaces, this tariff is charged per 20 minutes up to 1 hour, 30 minutes up to 2 hours, and then on an hourly basis up to 5 hours, with a maximum 24-hour and 48-hour charge being applied.

Payment for short term parking at Canberra Airport can be made by cash or credit cards at the automatic airport pay stations as you leave, using your original parking ticket. A popular alternative method of payment is to simply insert your credit card in a designated payment machine upon arrival, and again when leaving, eliminating the need for an actual parking ticket.


Tel: +61 (0)2 6275 2226
Long-term 'Smart Stay' car parking is a particularly cost-effective option at Canberra Airport (CBR) and is to be found alongside the main terminal building, just a short walk away. This zone offers the same parking tariff as the short-term spaces for up to 5 hours, after which the rate becomes considerably cheaper than its short-stay equivalent.


Disabled car parking spaces are close to each of the terminals at Canberra Airport (CBR) and can be accessed via the boom-gate after first taking a ticket from the machine. The disabled spaces for Virgin Airline passengers are situated to the right, with disabled parking spaces for Qantas, Air Pacific and Brindabella Airlines located to the left of the car park. There are a number of specially designed, wheelchair-friendly pay machines, all of which are fitted with a help button to request any extra assistance that may be required.

Canberra Airport CBR

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